I am Johnny Nomega, founder & chief executive of Nomega Studios. I started in entertainment when I was 10 years old as a writer. It was by accident because I only wrote for fun, but after I won a few contests I began to realize that I had a knack, a flare, some would say a gift, for the theatrical. Skip ahead 5 years and I would find myself creating music, writing lyrics and recording rappers in my bedroom at my mother's home. Nine years later I would be producing every style of music known to man in my first major recording studio located in Richmond, VA. I would later open a studio in my home town of Baton Rouge, LA. While in Richmond I began writing and directing commercials and contemplating producing films. I also began working with actors, models, writers and tons of poets, some of whom are on our YouTube channel. 

   When the Navy brought me to San Antonio I noticed talented people but no central place for those talented people to work, share their talents, train and get closer to their goals. Nomega Studios will be that place. We are renovating a suite to be a haven for artists to come to perfect their craft, meet people who can enhance their technique and get exposed to areas they may not have had exposure to before. All of this at no additional charge to members.

Message from the founder

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Nomega Studios has had many mission statements over the last 20 years, but none quite like this one. We have one desire, one new aligned focus and one primary goal and that is to help you get noticed by friends, family, fans, industries and those people whose destiny is intertwined with yours. We feel that this new vision is the most daring and exciting thing we have ever done specifically because we want to offer studio time, acting lessons, photography, modeling and the entire gamut of our resources to everyone who is one of our Platinum members at no additional charge. $3600 dollars worth of monthly services for $99 a month. When you remove cost as a barrier the only thing left is drive and for those with the right drive and hunger we will help them get their message out into the universe. You would not be here if you had not already conquered the voices of doubt in your own mind so now the only thing left to do is what you have always dreamed of doing and it starts with joining our team. Call us today and let your journey begin.