Nomega Studios has had many mission statements over the last 20 years, but none quite like this one. We have one desire, one new aligned focus and one primary goal and that's to help you get noticed; by friends, family, business, industries and those people whose destiny is intertwined with yours. We feel that this new vision is the most daring and exciting thing we've ever done specifically because we want to do it as a 501.3c non-profit and offer studio time, acting lessons, photography, modeling lessons and the entire gambit of our resources to everyone all as a 100% free service. We haven't worked out the logistics of how to make that happen on the long term and still pay the bills, but that hasn't stopped us from striving in that direction and offering these services today at no cost. This mission is also the one we've been the most committed to because when you remove cost as a barrier the only thing left is fear and we don't believe you would be on our website if you hadn't already conquered the voices of doubt every one has telling them not to try for fear of failing or worse succeeding. 



Nomega Studios